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Diseases of the bowel in two thirds of the worlds population are rare. The only thing they do differently from us westerners is they squat when they answer the call of nature.

In India, China, Africa and Japan the majority of population squat to eliminate. These cultures have a wide range of diet. The problem of diseases of the bowel are not to do with what we eat, but to do with what is NOT eliminated.

A small percentage of faeces is left behind when we use the “sitting on the chair” posture. When we squat ( children do this naturally ) the closing of Iliocecal valve and opening of puborectalis plus correct abdominal pressure is such that 100 percent of faeces are eliminated. Leaving no faecal matter to continue to produce harmful bacteria and resulting diseases.

NaturesPlatform™ has been designed and extensively tested to allow the conversion of existing toilets to be used by those who wish to change and gain from the benefits of the squatting posture.

NaturesPlatform™ is guaranteed to comfortably support a 22 stone (300lb/134kg) man or woman. It is very stabile, requires no assembly and is built with wood sourced from sustainable forests.

NaturesPlatform™ can be set up and removed instantly. Fits all regular toilets. Can be set up or folded up in three seconds and you never lift more than 6 (2.5Kg) pounds in weight.

What is NaturesPlatform™ ?

The all new Wooden Natures Platform UK

NaturesPlatform™ is a device manufactured in the United Kingdom, to provide a platform over an existing toilet bowl and enable the user to squat to eliminate…


Why use NaturesPlatform™ ?

Close up of the all new wood natures platform

In two thirds of the world’s cultures, appendicitis, diverticulosis, haemorrhoids, colitis, prostate disorders and colon cancers are virtually unknown…


NaturesPlatform™ Reviews

After living in Japan, Taiwan and India from 1985 to 1989 as a serious student of Yoga, I have searched for a natural toilet system ever since. I found no toilet seats that permit squatting. Finally, in 1998, Nature’s Platform was invented and just recently brought to market. While you don’t need decades of Yoga practice and a PhD to know the benefits of natural elimination, if you have a standard toilet, your health demands using Nature’s Platform.
For years I have been teaching that structure affects function, in terms of the spine and the nervous system. The same rules apply to the colon. Sitting puts the colon in an unnatural position and causes unnecessary stess on the whole digestive system. Nature’s Platform relieves that stress and allows the body to perform the way it was designed to. A healthy colon is the one of the major keys to a healthy life.
Mr. Dr. Joe Esposito, LD, DC